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Thoughts on Finding a Spouse

We recently finished a three-week series on marriage, which was part of a longer series that we have been doing for the past several months on the book of Ephesians. You can hear the audio of the sermons from the 'Sermon Downloads' page in the 'Resources' section of this website.

To go along with this series on marriage, I had made available a short article with some 'thoughts' that I had shared in a youth meeting several months back on finding a spouse. I am posting it here now in case it might be useful to others of you.

Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known…in Hindi!

March 6th was a very special day in the life of our church. That morning we started our new Hindi service. We had been praying, planning, hoping, and dreaming about this new service for many months now, and that morning it became a reality! We are praying that this new service will be the means for many hundreds and even thousands of people to come to know Jesus, people we never would have reached with just an English service.

We will all have a role to play in the start of this new service. Here are some ways that you can be involved:

Remembering Christ This Christmas

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the middle of November! In just a few weeks December will be here, and we will all be busy baking cakes, visiting homes, hosting parties, buying gifts, attending programmes, travelling to our home places, and much more. Preparations for Christmas have already begun in the church, and soon you will be hearing about all the different things we have planned this year to share the true message of Christmas with as many people as possible in our city.

But with all the busy-ness of Christmas programmes and plans and parties, there is one thing we must absolutely not do this year: forget what Christmas is all about! Christmas is all about Christ. More specifically, it is about the miracle of incarnation – that God Himself became a man, in order to save us from our sins. Here are three things that we can do in order to remember Christ this Christmas:

Don’t Take a Break From Jesus This Summer!

Summer has come upon us early this year! And with the heat and sweat of summer comes the desire to get away and to take a break in a cooler place – if not out of Gurgaon somewhere, then at least in the coolness of an air conditioned room! I do hope you get a break from the heat this summer. But one thing I would urge you not to do this summer – please don’t take a break from Jesus! Even with the sluggishness that inevitably results from summer heat, please don’t allow your spiritual life to get sluggish. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t take a break from Jesus this summer:

A Disciple-Making Church

A person’s last words—often spoken on a deathbed—are usually taken to be some of the most important that he or she ever speaks. If someone you love uses their last words to ask you to do to something, you better do everything in your power to do it!


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