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Finding Inner Peace

How do we experience peace in a world of chaos, confusion, and concerns? Join us for 10 sessions on 'Finding Inner Peace'. Topics include handling stress, getting rid of guilt, dealing with bitterness, enduring suffering, and much more. Here is the information:

Adventure Bible Camp 2013

Adventure Bible Camp (formerly known as 'VBS') is coming soon! Here is the information:

Easter 2013

Come celebrate the love and victory of our Lord Jesus Christ with us this Easter! Here are our special Easter programmes:

Helpful Internet Resources

The internet has become a big part of our lives these days, but many believers don’t realize the vast resources that the Web contains for growth and encouragement in Christ. Here are some of the websites that have been most beneficial for me:

Christmas Celebration!

Come out and enjoy Christmas sights, sounds, food and fun at our Christmas celebration this year! We will have games, food stalls, Santa, and most of all an original play called 'The Victorious Star'. We are looking forward to a great time together. Everyone is welcome, and entry is free. See below for more information about the time and venue.


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