What is Church?

The church is the community of all true believers in Jesus Christ. It is invisible and universal in that it includes all the followers of Jesus all over the world for all time. It is visible and local in the group of believers who meet together to worship God, such as our church DBF Gurgaon.

The church is described in the Bible as the body of Christ, and the bride of Christ. Jesus is the head of the church, and we are united to Him. We strive to exalt and promote Jesus in every way possible, and to follow Him in everything we do.

The church exists to glorify God through its worship, evangelism (sharing with others about Jesus), discipleship (learning to be like Jesus), fellowship (sharing our lives together), and ministry (serving others).

DBF Gurgaon is not a perfect church in any sense, but we are trying ‘to know Jesus and to make Him known’ more and more every day. Come visit us sometime, and you will see how one group of Jesus-followers are striving to be the church – the body and bride of Christ – in our everyday lives.